Immortal Princess

Overlord Review

Overlord Overlord is an anime I find to be pretty enjoyable to watch and its full of some interesting adventures involving the extraordinary and the very creepy! The plot is done well and is a isekai based story and it works the concept pretty well. Momonga who is called Ains in the show is the …

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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an anime I find to be highly enjoyable to watch especially with all the virtual adventures filled to the brim with action packed sword fights. The plot is well developed and does a really good job at bringing out the best potential for this anime, the concepts and elements that make …

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InuYasha Review

InuYasha is an anime I find to be really enjoyable to watch and the adventures the main characters Inuyasha and Kagome go on. The plot is done well and the elements and concepts are well incorporated. The story has a really good beginning and starts off with the main character Kagome ends up falling into …

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Trigun Review

Trigun is an anime I watched sometime back and find it pretty enjoyable to watch especially since this anime is over 20 years old. The plot is well planned out and the elements and concepts are well incorporated to make for a more enjoyable story. The adventures that Vash and company go on are both …

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