Knight’s & Magic Review

Knight's & Magic

Knight’s & Magic

Knight’s & Magic is an anime I find to be pretty exciting to watch and its full of interesting adventures that will leave you craving more.

The plot is done well and does a good job at introducing the main characters and there purpose as the story progresses further. The elements and concepts involved in this show are also pretty well incorporated and it helps highlight some of the more key areas in my opinion. The Mecha or Knight Runners as they are called in the anime are also pretty interesting and this anime does follow pretty closely with the novel its adapted from.

The character development is done really well and each of the characters has a fairly interesting personality which leads to some interesting situations between the various cast. The character interactions are also pretty entertaining to watch as well and you might get some light laughs in here and there.

The graphics and animations are well designed and offer some nice visual appeal to the viewer. The animations for the battles are also pretty eye catching as well and you can really see the work that went into this, so awesome job to the studio!

Overall I would say Knight’s & Magic is an anime I can definitely recommend to check out if given the chance, especially to lovers of the isekai and fantasy genre.

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