Naruto Review


Naruto is an anime I really enjoyed watching as a kid and always think of it as a classic show to watch.

The plot is pretty decent and does a good job at executing the story is a pretty exciting and proficient way. The story is a fairly old as well considering it first came out in 2002 so the Naruto series has a lot of history behind it. Its always exciting to watch all the action packed ninja battles that happen in this show.

The character development is definitely well done and you can really see the work that went into all the characters especially the main characters such as Naruto and his squad. The character interactions are pretty amusing as well and you can probably get some really good laughs from this show.

The graphics and animations are a bit dated but I feel they have a bit of a unique charm to them and I wont judge to harshly considering they are 18 years old pretty much so good job to the people that worked on this.

Overall I would recommend Naruto to those who want to enjoy a fairly old classic or those who like the ninja genre!

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