Overlord Review



Overlord is an anime I find to be pretty enjoyable to watch and its full of some interesting adventures involving the extraordinary and the very creepy!

The plot is done well and is a isekai based story and it works the concept pretty well. Momonga who is called Ains in the show is the main character and is in charge of leading his people through the story. The anime does well at incorporating the different elements that really creates a suspenseful show.

The character development is done well and the characters change and grow at a pretty good pace throughout the 3 seasons of the show. The interactions between characters might also give you some good laughs as well.

The graphics and animations are well developed and do offer some nice visual appeal to the viewer and the battle animations are pretty interesting as well so awesome job the studio who worked on Overlord!

Overall I would say this is an anime I can recommend to check out if given the chance especially for fantasy genre lovers.

You can find out more at https://myanimelist.net/anime/29803/Overlord.

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