InuYasha Review


InuYasha is an anime I find to be really enjoyable to watch and the adventures the main characters Inuyasha and Kagome go on.

The plot is done well and the elements and concepts are well incorporated. The story has a really good beginning and starts off with the main character Kagome ends up falling into the man eater well and is transported to feudal Japan where demons still exist.

The character development is well implemented and the characters grow at a steady pace that corresponds well with the story. The character interactions can also be highly amusing in more ways than one and you can really get a couple good laughs in.

The graphics and animations are really not bad considering this is form the early 2000’s where graphics weren’t as developed yet so awesome job to the studio who worked on this.

Overall InuYasha is an anime I can definitely recommend to check out if given the chance especially to lovers of the somewhat older anime, I believe you can also find this on crunchyroll for those who live in the countries supported by that license.

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