Martial God Asura Review

Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura is a novel that I enjoy reading in my spare time and find all the adventures Chu Feng goes on to be pretty exciting right from the start of the story.

The plot is fairly well planned out but I will admit it could have been implemented a little better, this goes for the whole story as well there are parts that just don’t seem that well constructed.

The world building is done pretty well but like the plot it could do to be a little less repetitive when entering new worlds etc. Overall it is still enjoyable to read as he enters new environments.

The character development is probably one of the best aspects about this novel in my opinion. The characters can have some pretty quirky personalities and some of them can have you laughing for a good while! The interactions between some of the characters can be pretty entertaining as well whether its being utterly ruthless or really funny that you cant stop laughing.

Overall I would say this is a novel to check out if your a fan of the cultivation genre but it wont be for everyone, there are some parts of this novel that I don’t really agree with but everyone has a different opinion!

You can read this at There are also some reviews for this novel on the page that I just linked.

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